Who is eligible to come to L’Chaim?

Individuals who:

– are chronically disabled, whose participation assists them to remain in their home
– qualify as assessed by a Case Manager at a local Health Unit
– are isolated, cannot meet their own social needs
– are diagnosed with any form of dementia
– are living alone
– are cared for by spouse or other family member needing respite
– can benefit being in a group setting

Who refers to L’Chaim?

– Family doctor
– Local Health Unit
– Family directly to L’Chaim
– Local Health Unit determines eligibility

What does it cost?

A nominal fee for lunch plus transportation if using HandyDart. If client is already supported through a VCH program, a private fee may be charged.

Do I have to be Jewish to attend?

L’Chaim is government supported and accepts clients of any culture or race.

A client is wheelchair bound and needs assistance, who provides that?

L’Chaim staff is trained to assist clients of different physical and mental needs.

I eat a strictly Kosher diet, can you accommodate me?

L’Chaim keeps separate Dairy and Meat dishes. L’Chaim is not BC Kosher approved, but aspires to accommodate Kashrut.

My father only wants to come now and then. Can he come on a drop-in basis?

Unfortunately not. L’Chaim is a small program that runs 9:30-3.00 as a group program and is not set up to accommodate drop-ins.